Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I find that many people, who are unhappy with life’s circumstances or stuck in unfulfilled jobs that pay well, soon find it is not the approach to happiness. I mostly hear people blame others or life for their individual happiness. In my personal opinion when life does not move forward in your direction of pursuing happiness, there are ways to find happiness in the smallest specifics.  In fact, happiness doesn’t come from making your joy the goal line; it comes from being able to appreciate the journey, predominantly the present moment understanding of your life.  Continuing with motivation and having the right mindset is vital to achieving your goals. Your mindset is what buzzes in when you have to overcome an impediment or resolve a problem, and eventually, it is your attitude that keeps you on the path to a happier life.  Just as individual mindset is important for your personal happiness then so is socializing. Humans are social individuals. It is wired in your DNA to connect with others. A region of the brain called mirror neurons allows you to recognize and mirror the behavior of other individuals. That is why yawning is contagious because scientists believe it is a sign of unconscious social bonding.  Happiness and affection flourish in the company of others and are important for your health and well-being. If you isolate yourself, destructive emotions are likely to arise. In this time of technical connection, people seem to be more isolated and lonely than ever. So it’s all about keeping a balance through your presence and cherishing those important to you by regular social contact. Right mindset for personal achievements and social connections are vital to your overall emotional well-being.  You cannot expect happiness to be presented on a platter; it is tasted with a tincture of surprises, mistakes, and disappointments. Both individual and social ingredients are the essence of a sweet flavored life.

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