Adapting a new language is an art not a criteria of fake or real accents...

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I like learning languages and through my practice I learned that different accent is a spin-off while adapting a new language. If we learn another language, then with the right accent we communicate more effectively, for accentuating the words our own way could have a totally different meaning.

When we are exposed to different cultures with diverse languages and accents, we are most likely to be flexible in our way of talking. Trying to adapt a language with its accent is more about giving respect to the different cultures we experience while travelling or interacting with different people. Though it can clearly be understood that accent is not a measure of someone’s knowledge of that language, as there is no real or fake here. An accent is just somebody speaking our language with the rules of theirs, this is usually termed as phonology. But if we intentionally speak the language in the wrong way, then we might come across as someone making fun of that language.

This made me realize that if we wanted to be flawless in our speech then adapting the accent is just part of it but not being able to speak the perfect dialect is also an effort to learn the new accent that was too difficult to adopt. So as long as our aim is NOT to make fun of a language, adapting a new accent is a way of giving respect to the people of that language while communicating. I always try to speak the words in their right way while showing my respect for that language. I see that others are delighted to hear that I made an effort to learn their culture and give them respect.

One of my new year's resolutions was to learn a new language and I realized that when I learn a new word or grammar rule, I have to change the accent a little to make it more like the native speakers. In fact, the apps that come with the language books teach you to pronounce the words like the native speakers of that language.

Having so many different languages makes us unique and realize how the world is like a party of diverse accents. We make a difference in making others smile more while trying to speak their language in a respectful way and at the same time encouraging others to try to speak our own. Its all about communicating with respect without judging and being more flexible.

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