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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Compared to other creatures, humans cooperate a lot, and they have evolved the abilities to improve, in order to make their living more efficient. Thinking and reasoning have also evolved to make our communication more powerful. In today’s world arguments are seen as a positive way of evolving new ideas. However, one aspect of human communication that is alarming to our evolution is the ability to disagree even though everyone wants to be seen positively.

When you give an argument that you believe favors optimism, you are more likely to be judged than admired for saying or doing anything that you had intended for the betterment of the society. No matter how hard you try to persuade with the positive mindset, your interests are assessed inaccurately. This is where reasoning skills hold solid when you can move forward more convincingly. If you couldn’t attempt to justify your words to others and convince them when they disagree with you, then your social lives could immensely be thornier. This mostly happens nowadays while dealing with people through social media when your intention had been to post something valid and expect people to understand your point with positivity, instead you might end up explaining yourself and your point of view to those who bring a totally different angle to your opinion. When exposed to challenging with strong arguments some are likely to be persuaded while others might get verbally violent.

Without logical thinking and reasoning, disagreements would be immensely harder to resolve so it is both helpful and useful, but it must be understood when it is completely futile. It is better to let go of the self-defeating arguments, when they rob you off the true intention behind your opinion. When the argument is no longer about the content, it is likely to expose the illogical thinking on the other side and thus becomes unhealthy to be carried on. Disagreements are very common because opposing someone’s opinion does not require a considerable amount of effort like the force that people put in during physical fights.

In my experience the people who love you will always find a reason to develop the argument in a healthy way while those who dislike you for some reason will find a way to judge your intentions.

On the other hand, logical arguments can progress in a healthy way keeping the different points of view in check. Different people have access to different realities and have had different individual experiences. These can lead people to possess wildly differing world views, which forms the ideal framework for an argument. Humans almost never agree completely with one another for two people can look at the exact same thing and see it differently. You can have the same facts and information but arrive at different conclusions because you are perceiving the statistics through a viewpoint that has a different purpose than the others.

When you find yourself frustrated that why the other person doesn’t understand it like you do, maybe consider that they are just using a different viewpoint. You could both be right and increase your perspective by seeing what the other person has to offer based on their moral reasoning, at least now you are focusing on the real issue here. So be it the ways to control climate change or ban gun violence, rational arguments that alter choices need to be dealt with conscious words. Logical reasoning is helpful in evolving communication when the arguments take a powerful turn towards solving a problem or coming up with a better solution to someone’s opinion. No matter if its your family or friends or the people who oppose your opinion, the process of conflict and arguing facilitates talk and awareness of another’s perspective if it carries a healthy course. You can not be scared to reason or raise your voice as long as your intentions are pure. Does your logical reasoning result in frustration or bringing solutions - only you are the best judge of your own intentions?

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