How Right Are You?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

For children the rules of living an honest life and the difference between right and wrong are clearly laid out by their elders. But as you grow older the concept of right and wrong becomes opinionated with your personal definition of right and wrong.

Truth as manipulated by others may not be spot-on for you, where you stand your ground. Ego is said to be born where arguments get stronger and there is a stress on the syllables “I AM RIGHT!”

Real events are clouded with a silver line stating that there are two sides to every story. Is life really a stage show of perspectives or personal beliefs with refreshments for the fence sitters or a complicated field of undefined rules for all?

Every time you surrender, your integrity seems to be hurt and morals are sacrificed. What really is right or wrong?

In this struggle to be better or more right than the other, something precious is communicated through the door of awareness. Your morals can not be judged in contrast to some standards neither can your integrity be compromised through the difference of opinions. It is the logical understanding of self-awareness that makes you see beyond the shaded arguments.

Your true nature comes from within and is deprived of all the judgments that are external. Once you lift the veil of conflicted perceptions you realize your own truth that is devoid of all kinds of verdict. Your mindful awakening is a call to empathy, for those who are aware and compassion for all those who have yet to experience it.

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