How Your Choices Affect Your Life

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I realize the importance of having problems in one’s life whenever I meet people who struggle with their lives. We all have the necessary tools needed to operate these problems and difficult situations at our hand because we have the super power of choice and decision making. No matter what activity you are doing you are deciding to do that. The whole day you make choices for your life that lands you in a certain situation.

When you get up you make a decision to get up with an alarm or stay in bed, you make a decision to talk to your friends, you make a decision to scold your children or not, you make a decision to insult someone because you think they are weak enough to take your wrath, you make a decision to not speak in a class or at a meeting, you make a decision to stay up late for you don’t want to miss the late night show, you make a decision to eat for pleasure even if you are not hungry, you make a decision to stay on sofa and watch your favorite series instead of going for exercise, you make a decision to spat inappropriate remarks instead of a healthy conversation with your partner, you choose not to call your friend who is visiting your town after a long time. All through the day you make these decisions that shape and define your life. Your kids have learnt to listen to you without being scolded, you have a good friend based on how you treated him last time. You follow an active life because you are punctual with your routine. These choices are available to everyone, it’s what you choose to do with them that show how you live.

When I meet people, I mostly hear them asking how someone else can do what they are not able to do but the truth is if you focus on everything that you are doing, you will definitely see the innumerable decisions that you make throughout the day. It is important to learn to solve your problems because you are making decisions all the time.

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