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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Many people ask me about ways to deal with stress and as a wellness writer who focuses on self-awareness, my first advice for them is to start being more aware of every moment in their lives. Stress can be triggered due to anything as a result of the fast paced life and as long as you are breathing, the sharp voices in your head will always try to dominate your peace of mind. The continuous babble, that is either a replay of bad memories or a short clip of nervousness, is not your truth or your identity, so gradually let go of this illusory image and observe your true presence.

Since everyone suffers from this ailment of continuous mind prattle we hardly feel that our bodies are run by an overactive mind that is under a chatter-spell. Once you start to observe your present moment you gradually get tired of the irrelevant thoughts that had dominated your mind. Without the fuel of your attention the voices in your head become slow whispers gradually becoming a part of the stillness that you have come to enjoy.

The best example that I like to give is that of a path covered with autumn leaves,

where the leaves act like all the previous doubts or the approaching apprehensions. Now imagine a strong wind that blows away all these autumn leaves and the path in front of you becomes clear. That is exactly how consciousness sweeps away the worries of the past or your anxiety of the future. Every time you are mindful of your own thoughts you make difference in the level of your awareness.

You are able to see your goals and the path laid out by life in a better way. Stress can no longer live in a mind that is fully aware and has found peace.

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