Only you can decide whats best for you!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It is very natural to please others in life; what others think of you can make you completely dependent on their approval of what you do. People pleasing becomes a problem when others opinion of how you should be living your life becomes more important than what YOU think of your life.

Your desire to be important in others’ lives is so great that you seek endorsements for what you have done in your life. Your desire to be of worth to others can leave your own life worthless. When you stop planning your own life and let others plan out your goals then you lose control over what only YOU could do best.

You are the hero of your own life while for others you are a mere sidekick and when you let others design the side show of their lives they don’t have much to plan because it is a side subject for them. In that case it will be made sure that you never stand out. When you let others decide how you need to live your life they don’t have a lot to design for you, so make sure to be the main planner of your own path.

Be your own leader and do for yourself that no one else can do. Design your own simple path and ignore the complications. You are the hero of your own life but not for anyone else. You are not waiting for anyone to make the decisions of your life that you already are making every moment.

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