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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

For centuries, humans have worked vigorously to match the physical outlooks of their own time. Food choices have always been the driving factor behind a healthy and happy lifestyle. With the progress in science, many dietary theories which aim to prolong life are becoming popular. These theories base their evidence on nutrition science and research. With their results and popularity each day, people claim to have improved their lives due to these dietary theories. But the problem arises with every passing day when a new theory sweeps in to replace the previous one.

As curious as I am about human life and the scientific theories, I embarked on the journey of studying these different theories to get an answer to my queries. While doing my research through the nutrition coaching course, I only got more confused with every new dietary theory. First of all, there are so many, in fact countless theories and secondly not one of them agrees with the other one.

While there is scientific proof to living better lives with plant-based food, there is another group of people who claim to have changed their lives with animal-based diet. Then there are promises by those who claim to have gone on juice cleanses to live healthier but at the same time you are warned to stay off juices by those who follow keto and never take sugar in any form. People nowadays are so uptight about transforming their lives just like someone they saw, that they blindly follow that person, only to find that after a few days they will be impressed by someone else who did the opposite. Eating every two to three hours may be supported by some but fasting has been the healing device for a few since the beginning of time.

This is where the diet business thrives. By seizing advantage of the society's longing for pragmatic health info, the so-called professionals sell us everything from shakes to supplements, assuring us the whole time that we will live longer and happier. It sure does work every time. With an easy access to food there has been more fixation on the food and the more you deprive yourself of something the more likely you are to notice it. Your brain becomes overly responsive to the things you have been told to avoid and the forbidden tends to look more tempting than ever. So, life becomes about starving and avoiding rather than making the best of what you have. Whether we like it or not we all rely on internet doctors and youtubers for health advice since the real medical field like any other industry has become a platform for campaign and profit.

The medical industry has people fooled but when everything else fails and has been tried then people turn to their origins. After studying and practicing the countless diet theories, you will only conclude one thing that life is complete with both the physical and emotional ingredients. The human body takes nourishment in every positive form of feeling and emotions. There is something extremely beneficial about our ancestral practices that bear testament to a spirit of survival. People may disagree with each other about their beliefs but natural food and fasting has been a part of every religion and faith. When you have been through the practice of both eating and fasting, you realize how important other things in life are as well.

It is not until you realize that food is not the only thing keeping you alive and happy, that you learn to live a balanced life. Rather than fixating on one element, life is so much more; it is about the discipline that you follow in abstaining from what is bad for you and implementing the right choices.

Life is all about comforting your senses, not fixating on depriving yourself. So, enjoy your life and fast from time to time to gain the benefits of both indulgence and perseverance. Healthy life can only be balanced with a disciplined lifestyle.

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