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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Whatever happens in your life is absorbed by your body, so when your body ages the mind is still able to recall everything. That is why even when you are sixty you can sit and recall fifth grade or your grandmother’s night time stories when you were 8. Everything seems to stay with you either as pleasant memories or painful miseries based on how you feel about that event. Every time you experience something you create a story about it in your head that stays with you forever. You keep recalling the same incidents and tripping over them feeling like a victim to an event or people. The power to cherish loving memories or escape from miseries lies within your own hands. You must be brave enough to let go of the illusions and live with awareness. The past does nothing other than hold you back. Other stories that keep you stuck in life are those that you make up for your mistakes. To err is human; a phrase you come to realize and accept very soon in your lives. One way to profit from your own mistakes is to introduce powerful insights of how you can use that experience. Turning your mistakes into lessons can beat the self-defeating habit of being stuck in life and living with regret. This leads to the pattern of forgiveness, a technique that follows the common phrase ‘to err is human’. Forgiveness is not for others only; the first rule applies to forgiving yourself for your own mistakes.

“The only person we have the right or the power to forgive is ourselves. For everything else, there is the Art of Acceptance.” ~Rebecca O’Dwyer.

Let go of the mistakes and wrong decisions you have made in your life, for life is about freeing your conscience of the errors that anchor your memory. Choosing to embrace your mistakes as lessons helps to define clearly that you are not your mistake; you are much more than that and capable of doing better than ever. Be grateful for those lessons and allow yourself to walk with love and freedom.

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