Slow down and take a deep breath!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Essentially sustaining and thriving in communities, everyone is living in this world and enjoying life. All species thrive to survive and live better lives, yet the humans are superior to the rest. They have the intelligence to surpass others and have advanced in life changing technologies. All that the humans strive for are the things to make lives easier but not necessarily better.

The birds and the breeze move swiftly across all borders for they have no boundaries that limit their movement. Everything alive wants to live and enjoy life as it is. But to improve lives with fast technologies, the humans have created more imbalance. There is a fear of getting things done urgently or else frustration builds up; Like If the internet is taking time to connect or checking Facebook every other minute to keep up with the other updates or staying up late to meet deadlines and every quick fix seems like a requirement to keep lives running.

Isn’t it ironic in your modern lives that while technology is frequently invented that saves your time, you use that time to do more and more things, and so your lives are extra fast-paced and frenzied than ever.

So, what is it that you earned by gaining superiority over other species? Are you aware of the things that can make your lives better and more joyful and not necessarily easier?

Slowing down is a conscious choice, and not at all times an easy one, but it leads to a superior gratitude for life and a better level of happiness. You will never get a second chance to enjoy this present moment that you are in. If you constantly strive to be better, you will be left with nothing but struggles. So take a deep breath and embrace the glorious imperfections around you. Let things be for once and enjoy the small pleasures in life.

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