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To The Eternal Bond of motherhood

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Linda sat in stillness sipping her brew waiting to start her routines, Instead she was presented with a card and flowers as her kids got up, They told her to take the day off for it was mother’s day, She wondered what would happen when the day was over, Did they need an annual prompt to think of their moms? The idea of remembering a mother once a year was slaying her, So she took the day off to visit her mom on mother’s day, She kneeled down and told her with tearful eyes, “I love you and wish you would live forever with me, I wish I could see you every day to say I love you, I wish I could give you my life so you would stay longer, The thought of spending mother’s day without you is unbearable, I wish I could clear all your wrinkles with a single touch of my lips, I wish I could mend all the fights that I had with you, I want your arms around me to make me feel like a child again.” She closed her eyes and heard her mother’s comforting voice, “I am here with you every day and every second, For you are a shadow of what I wanted to be in my life, I gave you the life that I had always dreamed of, Your actions are a mere reflection of what I have taught you, The wrinkles that I carry in old age are precious to me, Than all the worldly wealth and wonders combined, For they remind me of all the priceless moments of joy, I cherish all the fights that made you learn to make up, I would prefer one second of your joy over a lifetime of comfort, For the love that I got from being a mother definitely was, Worth all the pains and efforts that I had to put in every day.” Linda opened her eyes as her tears fell on the dry grave, She rested her head on her mother’s tombstone feeling, Her presence that was as comforting as ever.

TO THE ETERNITY ENSHRINED IN MATERNITY for the love you share and the bonds that you develop in this world live beyond your material life.

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