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Use Your Voice to Make A Difference

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The excuse for silence and inaction lies in the inability to be strong enough to raise a voice. For every Pharaoh there must be a Moses, for every Yazid there must be a Hussain and for every evil that rises in the society there is a mightier hope that must rise from you. Only crying over the sufferings of our brave heroes to defeat the evil will not solve the problems for they raised their voices, so that we would learn to do the same.

If there was no awareness and check by the people who stood with the right, this earth would have been an abode of mischief. Following the right requires that we stand unanimous in creating awareness and exposing any ideology that aims at breaking that thread. A tyrant is a tyrant, a crime is a crime and abuse is an abuse whether physical or verbal, there is no how and why to it and we stand against it.

Whenever we stand against the wrong, we issue an indictment against the domination of silence, reminding us all of our responsibility to voice the rightful cause. Witnessing crime in silence is a mute agreement that is signed with oneself to jerk off any responsibility. You can always create a difference in this world through your thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. If only we would stand together in awareness against the felonious acts, then justice and human kindness would surely triumph over cruelty and crime.

Share "A Purposeful Life" with your friends and family to create Unity and Awareness.

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