Your perception of others is nothing but a reflection of your own thoughts.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

…I saw the way the old man walked, drooping shoulders and bulky steps trying to keep a fast pace with the rest of the world, I smiled and looked at my friend, we shared a giggle as we both looked at him. The morning walk was my favorite part of the day, where me and my friend enjoyed a long walk quietly watching the people do the routine around us and laughing at a few who looked like they have been forced to get out of bed. My roommate and I wore our black hoodies and hopped out into the rain for nothing would stop us from having our fresh morning walk. I am glad we did because it’s not every day that you see a clumsy bear in a perfectly human costume, forced to get out of bed and made to walk against her will. The large woman who was wearing an old rain coat with insanely absurd hairstyle was walking slowly almost mechanically, as if her brain was besieged to tell each foot to take the next step. It was as if she were in a limpness like a spooky cartoon. She passed a ghostly glance at us as she walked by and I slowly nudged my friend with my elbow trying to control my laugh but she was already smiling and I knew we would be laughing about it the whole day...

…I watched the rain pour down my window and felt an urge to walk on the wet ground. It had been a week since my brother had passed away and I had not stepped out of my house. I took out my old raincoat and without doing my hair or cleaning up, left my house. My heart still grieved with my loss yet I took the courage to get out and slowly dragged my feet trying to walk normally. I walked this path every day and part of me believed that it could help me resume my normal life. The rain reminded me of the times I played with my brother and we both caught cold after that. The smell of the soil transported me back to childhood, I still missed my brother and my slow steps reminded me that life did not stand still for anyone. I loved crowds, I loved the way people weaved in fresh air, chatting as they passed by. I watched them, some heads down and lost in private thoughts - each of them viewing this same day, from an exclusive perspective. Either way their tread pacified me better than a smooth river. The sound of feet on damp concrete stones was almost lost against the wading of the traffic yet the sight of the outside world with its busy people soothed me especially when two girls in black hoods passed me by both giggling with youthful smiles…

It is better to understand others than put labels on them for your perception of others is actually a demonstration of your own thoughts.

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