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We are all in search of the ultimate Truth but even if we learn to find our own Peace through rituals, Prayers and Practices, our search for Life and Happiness continues. We acquire a ritual or a prayer, alone or in groups, seeking the truth with full potential.

We are all Seekers, whether Believers or Disbelievers. THOUGH TTHE MEANS MIGHT SEEM DIFFERENT, THE ENDS ARE THE SAME.


                  ABOUT ME

An author by passion and a columnist by profession. Amongst my notable works, I have authored “The Beautiful Present” and “The Conscious Ego". My articles are featured in "The Nation", "Pakistan Today", "Daily Islamabad Post" among other newspapers.
I have always been interested in International Relations and Humanity but it is impossible to understand the human purpose without considering its connection to our origin and existence. I am committed to bringing people from every race, religion, and country together in the same spirit of reality to create UNITY & AWARENESS.



You may never agree with one another about your history or whose interpretation of life is correct; however, one thing that everyone can agree on is humanity. Human misery is universal as it calls for a collective and unconditional love to comprehend, understand and eventually heal its wounds. People can acquire immense power to a purposeful life through their love for others and a conscious living.

...wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are ALWAYS contributing to the universal energy. Share "This Purposeful Life" with your friends and family to create a positive vibration.

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"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man"




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